Be Active ... Have Fun... on a Michigan Trail!

Michigan boasts of more trails than any other state in America.  My goal is to produce videos that provide an overview of the trail, the surrounding area to help you make a decision.  I am also seeking sponsors to fund production of the trails video and related content.   In return sponsors receive a generous promotional package that includes a marketing video.  

Find out what we're all about.  Watch this short video message from Trails of Michigan.

I advocate and encourage individuals to explore Michigan trails.  Michigan trails are beautiful, well maintained and make you feel exhilarated and relaxed! Studies show that when you're active out-of-doors you tend to stay out longer… time passes more quickly and you having more fun. The real beauty is you don't notice that you are exercising.  Revitalize on a Michigan trail!



Thank you to our sponsors who make these trails videos possible.




Top five reasons American participated in outdoor activity:

  1. 1. Get exercise 68%,
  2. 2. Be with family and friends 55%,
  3. 3. Keep physically fit 53%,
  4. 4. Observe scenic beauty 49% 
  5. 5. Be close to nature 48%.

~Outdoor Industry Research Association 2016 Participation Study~