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Experience the Trails of Michigan!

Michigan boasts of more hiking and biking trails than anywhere in the U.S.  From the urban areas of our cities, state parks, rails to trails, the shores of the great lakes and the vast Upper Peninsula there is a trail for everyone.  Besides the physical and mental benefits of staying active on Michigan Trails there are things to do, places to see and great places to eat, drink and stay. 

I'm a retired video/TV producer who enjoys hiking and biking Michigan's trails.   so much that I'm creating trails videos in hopes that you will like to try them for yourself.    My videos will give you a virtual experience of the most popular and some of the lesser known trails, but each one provides a beautiful perspective of nature and outdoor activity.  

I will be adding videos on a regular basis so keep checking in from time. 

If you are a trails town...  own a business near a trail...  or you provide a product/service for trails enthusiasts please contact me about a very good deal on a sponsor package that includes a professional video.